12 highly practical short Business Seminars tailor-made to help Entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses be more successful

Excelling as a One Person HR Department

Many smaller companies do not have a full HR department to look after staff related issues, but these issues are no less important. If you do the HR function as part of your other responsibilities or if you run a One Person HR department, this practical half day seminar will help you develop a plan to prioritise the operational, legal, and people needs of your business.

Managing Problem Staff: Giving Warnings and Conducting Hearings

Deciding to take disciplinary action against an employee in the workplace is not something to be undertaken lightly. However, once a decision is taken, it is imperative that the correct steps, policies and procedures are followed to ensure that lengthy court cases or CCMA action do not necessarily follow. This morning seminar with a qualified labour lawyer will provide you with guidelines to follow when formally disciplining an employee.

Social Media Marketing for SME's

Social Media is the new way to build buying relationships and introduce customers to your products. However, before your company launches itself wildly into this marketing space, you need an informed understanding of ways that Social Media can be used to grow a business - and even more importantly, how “doing it wrong” could potentially harm your bottom line. Spend some time with our specialist and learn how best to incorporate Social Media Marketing into your organisation’s marketing strategy.

Inspirational Leadership Skills and Techniques

The difference between a good manager or business owner and an inspirational leader comes down to the way employees work. Many may work efficiently for an efficient manager, but a great leader inspires people to work harder, better and more proactively while enjoying work more. Most successful organisations are lead not managed. This seminar will provide you with the practical skills all good leaders possess and will show you how to practice and capitalise on these skills.

Key Sales Techniques to Close Deals and Secure Business

A successful sale is a tough job. To be successful, a sales person or Key Account Manager needs to read the client, overcome objections and promote and pick up on buying signals. This half day seminar with an experienced Sales Coach will reiterate the key techniques followed by successful sales people worldwide and demonstrate how to apply them into your business to secure that all important “YES” moment.

Email Marketing made Simple, Clear and Effective

Email marketing is often seen as a quick way for companies to get their products in front of a lot of consumers for a very low cost. This can be true - but unless you know what you are doing, your advert will not be read, be treated as “Junk Mail” or worse, will irritate or alienate potential customers. This seminar will cover what makes a successful email marketing campaign, the content needed to break through the “inbox noise” and the MANY do’s and don’ts that will make a major difference to your email marketing campaign’s success.

How to Hire the Right Person for your Business

Hiring new staff is a minefield. The right decision results in an employee that immediately adds value. The wrong choice impacts your company in ways further than you can imagine. A recent survey discovered that 40% of hiring decisions are made on appearance factors alone! Do you trust yourself to weed out a top performer from an eloquent incompetent? As they say, hire in haste, repent at leisure. This seminar will provide you with real criteria against which candidates should perform before you even consider a second interview – let alone hiring them!

Cashflow Forecasting to protect your business

Everybody knows that in business the amount of cash on hand is what determines stability and growth, regardless of profit. This seminar will cover easy to use techniques to identify, forecast and manage your organisation’s cashflow to gain a clear understanding of your future cash needs, enabling you to take advantage of unexpected growth opportunities or protect yourself in the case of unforeseen emergencies.

Using SEO to drive people to your website

Buying patterns have changed and we find now that more and more people do their browsing and comparative shopping online using search engines such as Google. It is therefore CRITICAL to a company’s success that a client search for a product / service returns their website in the search results – the higher up, the better! Learn small but vital changes you can make to your website text, design and code to increase your Google Ranking and search results.

Successful Telesales Techniques that “Close” the Sale

Many companies today are using a telesales department to contact potential clients in order to sell products, take orders, set up appointments or arrange for site visits or demonstrations. However, an untrained person “droning on” from a prepared script is unlikely to impress clients and opportunities are going to be lost. This practical seminar will provide sales executives with proven techniques to gain buy-in during their calls.

Marketing and Branding your Businesses

Marketing is not about trying different types of advertising in a haphazard manner. It is about setting out clear objectives and developing an overall strategy - and then implementing various methods and techniques to meet these objectives. It is about analysing how effective these methods are and adapting your strategy to suit your needs, and ultimately drive sales. This seminar will give you some solid marketing advice, to get you on the path to building a dynamic presence in the market.

How to Look, Act & Grow Business like a true Professional

Competition for customers is fierce. Large conglomerates operating in South Africa have huge budgets dedicated to brand awareness. This is because they know that a company’s brand is one of its most important assets – and it is vital that this is enhanced and reinforced at any and every opportunity.