Managing Problem Staff: Giving Warnings and Conducting Hearings

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24 Jul 2015JHB - Corporate Conference Centre 08:30 - 15:00 BOOK NOW

Conducting disciplinary action against an employee is an unfortunate part of doing business. South Africa has very strict Labour legislation that vigorously protects the rights of an employee. Any actions taken during the disciplinary process that breach any of the employees' rights may result in the sanction (such as dismissal) being seen to be unfair. Such a ruling could lead to the company having to pay out costly awards levied by the CCMA/Bargaining Council or Labour court.

Attend this intensive morning session on the topic of Warnings and Disciplinary Action with a highly experienced Labour Lawyer, as they will outline the steps that need to be taken when instituting ANY disciplinary action, and specifically those that may lead to Dismissal. The Seminar also covers conducting a Disciplinary Hearing in line with the "principles of fairness and equity" that are envisaged by the Labour Relations Act.


Key elements covered during this half day seminar:

  • How the SA Labour court views misconduct, and the sanctions that the courts allow a company to take against an employee
  • How to be seen to be fair and impartial when investigating the complaint
  • What are the rules pertaining to the different Warnings, Verbal Warnings, Written Warnings and Final Written Warnings
  • What are the new rules regarding suspension, and how and when to convene a formal Disciplinary Hearing
  • Why is the drawing up and wording of the charge sheet one of the most critical elements of the process
  • How do you prepare for the hearing, what information do you need to give the employee, who can he / she bring into the hearing
  • What should the procedure be during a hearing, who should chair this hearing and what you should and should not say during the hearing
  • What does the person who is chairing the hearing need to know and say
  • How does the Chairman handle postponement requests and allegations of Bias leveled against the Chairman
  • How does the Chairman decide on a finding of the hearing, and what guides the sanctions they should hand out (including dismissal)
  • What steps does an employee have a right to after the hearing is completed - (Appeal, CCMA, Labour Court etc)
  • What is the law regarding "Unfair Dismissal" and how to ensure that nothing said or done in the run up to the hearing could be construed as "Constructive Dismissal"


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