Managing Time to Maximise Productivity

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24 Jul 2015DBN - Sica's Guesthouse 08:30 - 14:00 BOOK NOW

Being busy seems to be a modern phenomenon. We are all in a rush - frantically meeting deadlines, attending meetings, sending emails, typing correspondence, answering phone calls - and yet, when we reach the end of the day, our output doesn't seem to match the immense amount of effort that went into the day. Not only is there an ever increasing amount of work to be done, but home priorities start to pile up too - which can make you feel unproductive, stressed and like a hamster on a wheel. Sound familiar?

Don't spend your valuable time helping others to achieve their goals, while yours go unfulfilled. Attend this practical seminar and gain the insight and confidence to put your productivity first.

You have the ability to get far more done than you realise. It takes some planning, a few new skills and determination. Let us show you how to change your life around as you whizz through tasks and situations that would normally have taken you ages!


Key elements covered during this half day seminar:

  • How to overcome procrastination and tap into your energy to get things done -fast
  • Ways to say goodbye to the energy vampires in your life - those negative souls who steal your enthusiasm
  • Setting of big, brave goals that move you forward to a life that you want
  • Developing rituals and routines to develop peak productivity
  • Applying the habits of the most productive people in business
  • Managing meetings effectively and stop time killers in their tracks
  • Safeguarding your elite productivity and stop saying YES to everything and everybody
  • Outsourcing everything you can't be the best at
  • Discovering different ways to zone in on your strengths and become happier and more fulfilled  at work
  • Using an innovative time-management system that has empowered top executives to get focused, productive and in charge of their lives
  • Learning how to avoid everybody else's rush
  • Identifying and re-defining your priorities in life
  • Getting explosive energy through the best nutritional and fitness advice
  • Becoming reflective, think, plan, create and get back "ME" time!
  • Using the 5 pillars for boosting your personal productivity


Boosting your personal productivity hinges on five very important pillars:

  1. Getting things done!
  2. The ability to make the right decisions quickly
  3. Being able to create innovative solutions to your challenges
  4. Setting rituals, goals and priorities
  5. Having the energy to face every day head on


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What You're Going to Get

Each seminar is run in the morning at venues in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Delegates attending receive bound reference notes, tea, coffee and snacks on arrival and at the break. After the course, delegates receive a sit down lunch as well as a Certificate of Attendance.