Inspirational Leadership Skills and Techniques

Please Note: Seminar times include lunch

Successful Leaders don't have to discipline their team, their people beat themselves up if they make a mistake, they don't have to micro-manage - their people are always self-motivated to do their very best, and they don't have to drive people to do their jobs, their team want to succeed for their manger.

This seminar will help you discover the techniques needed to lead a team in an inspired, responsive and motivated manner.  It will focus on the key traits you need to become more than just a manager. You will become a leader with the ability to lead, engage, inspire and develop your staff - which is the most effective way of leveraging success in this tough economic time.


Key elements covered during this half day seminar:

  • Encouraging the team to come up with ideas and innovations, and truly listen to them to uncover the "Inspirational Gems" they inevitably have
  • Involving themselves in the staff's working day without them feeling like they are being micro-managed, but rather leaves them feeling appreciated
  • Introducing an element of fun into the workplace - an enjoyable, challenging workplace environment is intricately linked to innovation, new ideas and invariably, success!
  • Engendering a sense of responsibility and commitment in the staff which encourages them to do more than just their jobs, often going the extra mile for the company and its clients
  • Promoting creative inspiration in all staff members by actively recognising excellence and ensuring it is appropriately rewarded


To Register

You can register for this seminar by clicking on the "Book Now" buttons above, alternatively please call Kathryn on 011 454 5505 or email her kathryn@seminarwarehouse.co.za


What You're Going to Get

Each seminar is run in the morning at venues in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Delegates attending receive bound reference notes, tea, coffee and snacks on arrival and at the break. After the course, delegates receive a sit down lunch as well as a Certificate of Attendance.