Email Marketing made Simple, Clear and Effective

Please Note: Seminar times include lunch

These days, email volumes are higher than ever before. Just spend a couple of days out of the office and you realise just how many emails land in your inbox every day. For an email marketing campaign to be successful therefore, your content needs to be highly targeted and relevant to break through the noise. To do this, you need to have an in-depth understanding of who your customers are - and what their needs are.

A successful email marketing campaign is made up of a host of interrelated and interdependent components: legislation, information, design, target market profiling, list generation / purchase / compilation, analytical, trending using analytical tools, copy writing and timing are just some of these. You need to have all these components right - otherwise your customer will not welcome, act on or spread your message.

This practical seminar will provide you with the key points you need to consider before embarking on an email marketing campaign. The last thing you need is for a well intentioned campaign to be seen as spam - or worse, result in court action as customers exercise their rights under the new Consumer Protection and Protection of Personal Information Acts.


Key elements covered during this half day seminar:

  • Writing of a creative and convincing email that your reader will want to respond to
  • Increasing your consent list - in preparation for the looming legislative changes
  • Limiting the number of "removes" you receive by only sending relevant information to potentially interested parties
  • Stopping your email from being rejected as SPAM
  • Designing a targeted email campaign that aligns strongly to your overall marketing campaign
  • Making sure your email is read, and not deleted or diverted to the "Junk Mail" folder as soon as it arrives
  • Avoiding alienating or desensitising your target audience by carefully designing your campaign to avoid emailing too frequently


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What You're Going to Get

Each seminar is run in the morning at venues in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Delegates attending receive bound reference notes, tea, coffee and snacks on arrival and at the break. After the course, delegates receive a sit down lunch as well as a Certificate of Attendance.