Exceptional Customer Service

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06 Aug 2015CPT - The Belmont Square 08:30 - 14:00 BOOK NOW

They say it costs between 5 and 6 times as much to find a new customer than to service an existing one. While this clearly makes a case for customer service, there is another aspect to consider. How do you service your existing customers properly when you have to expend significant time and energy finding new clients - especially in an aggressive market place where customers are benefiting from increasingly flexible and charming companies? Every customer is important these days. Gone are the days where you can arrogantly discard business from difficult customers. Every company in South Africa has felt the pinch of the recession and as a result are more focused on servicing their customers than ever before.

The answer is to ensure that everyone in your company becomes a customer services representative. Whether you work in administration, finance, marketing, sales, procurement, IT, research or cleaning, your role becomes that of the ambassador. You make a difference!

This practical half day seminar will provide some easy to implement tips and techniques that will help everyone in your organisation to understand, appreciate and buy into an exceptional customer service culture.


Key elements covered during this half day seminar:

  • Using the latest customer service tools available in light of the Social Media boom, the Recession and other developments
  • Anticipating what your customers really want - and then exceeding their expectations
  • Tapping into your "Social" and "Emotional" intelligence to ensure you can always find common ground with your customers
  • Building sustainable customer loyalty in an environment where poaching customers is rife
  • Keeping your cool and hiding your irritation when you are dealing with truly difficult or rude customers
  • Avoiding the 7 "Deadly Sins" of customer service


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Each seminar is run in the morning at venues in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Delegates attending receive bound reference notes, tea, coffee and snacks on arrival and at the break. After the course, delegates receive a sit down lunch as well as a Certificate of Attendance.