How to Prepare for an upcoming CCMA Hearing

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The SA Labour law provides employees with the right to challenge the fairness of a dismissal at a CCMA hearing, and currently, more than two thirds of these matters must be presented without any legal representation. It is imperative that your company prepares properly for the CCMA hearing, that your representatives know the procedural requirements surrounding a CCMA hearing and that they conduct a professional presentation of their case or the company may end up paying unnecessary and costly arbitration awards.

A company that has followed the correct procedure in dismissing an employee should not have anything to worry about. It is, however, imperative that the company representatives prepare themselves properly for the CCMA hearing prior to the hearing, and that the case is correctly presented, as it is not unheard of for a company with a "caste-iron" case to be judged to have dismissed unfairly because their presentation omitted some key facts pertinent to the case. 


Key elements covered during this half day seminar:

  • Discovering the rules, regulations and procedural requirements surrounding a CCMA/Bargaining Council hearing, and when parties can and cannot bring legal or other representation into a hearing
  • Understanding where the law sees the "Burden of Proof" to lie between the employee and the employer
  • Understanding the important time provisions that can determine if a valid case exists to be referred to the CCMA/Bargaining Council/Labour Court
  • Discovering why a full preparation up-front is so important and the implications later if you do not fully present all the evidence to support your case
  • Learning to use a structured method to prepare for your CCMA/Bargaining Council hearings, to ensure that nothing is omitted as you cannot add further information at a later time
  • Understanding the rules governing the conduct of proceedings at a hearing, and how and when you should deliver your side of the story
  • Gaining an insight into presentation tactics you can employ during these hearings to protect your case, and prevent unintentionally strengthening the other party's case
  • Gaining an understanding of the differences between "conciliation" and "arbitration" and how your preparation needs to change for each one
  • Understanding your recourse if the finding of the CCMA is against you


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