At Seminar Warehouse we specialise in delivering powerful seminars on a range of practical business topics relevant to the South African market. All our topics are carefully researched with the market to ensure that the subjects you need to know about are covered. By attending one of our seminars, you will experience a morning brimming with ideas, tips, techniques and practical skills that you can apply immediately in the workplace.

Seminar Warehouse seminars are delivered by our faculty of experienced lecturers who have loads of practical experience in the subject and in lecturing. You won't be bored, disinterested or ignored. Our seminars are fast paced and interactive - giving you what you need in the shortest, most efficient way possible. We will always ensure that our seminars are clearly focused on the practical application of each subject - in a South African context.

Each seminar is run in the morning at venues in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Delegates attending receive bound reference notes, tea, coffee and snacks on arrival and at the break. After the course, delegates receive a sit down lunch as well as a Certificate of Attendance. 

Seminar Warehouse currently has a wide range of practical seminars, running every week on a 4 month cycle, with a variety of exciting topics being added all the time. Join our emailing list to be informed of new dates, events and special offers of seminars and workshops click here

As Seminar Warehouse is a division of CBM Training we have received a LEVEL 1 Black Economic Empowerment Verification Certificate.